About us

Hello! 🌿
My name is Olga and I am a full time artist; I've been creating handmade silver jewelry for about 8 years by now. I think that art is the ideal way to study the intricate patterns and harmony in nature.
All creatures are captivating to me, but I have always been especially interested in birds and invertebrates.
I've been studying spiders and various marine creatures for years, exploring their shapes, colors and textures, as well as the complex symbolism surrounding them.
So alien to humans structurally, they are living designs with their own bizarre aesthetics. I find the symmetry and complexity of their bodies to be so ornamental!
One of the main metaphors linked to arthropods is the constant outgrowing of one's "shell". One has to shed the old shell to let oneself grow and unfold, and then quickly gain new armour to protect the new self. That image of constant growth and renewal mesmerises me. The view into the bizarre world of nature is a view into our own human essence through the lense of where we originated. These shapes and patterns are the natural symbols that can help one explore and express their inner self.
I am a lover of journeys and a forest wanderer, and the artistic work is the driving force of my life. Thank you so much for your interest to my work! 🤍✨